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An absolutely revolutionary cutting-edge treatment, the FastVitaminIV® was designed by Dr. Koniver to outclass traditional IV drips that take hours. Being administered in an astounding 5 minutes or less, it floods your body with undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The cost of a FastVitaminIV is $150. 


Benefits of FastVitaminIV include:

Improved Mood

FastVitaminIV can help boost mood and decrease feelings of anxiety or somberness. 

Better Sleep

FastVitaminIV includes nutrients that have been shown to improve sleep duration and quality as well as REM sleep.

More Energy

FastVitaminIV can help combat sluggishness with a mix of nutrients designed to combat exhaustion, lessen symptoms of fatigue, and provide a boost of energy.

More Effective Workouts

FastVitaminIV is ideal for athletes as it helps alleviate exercise-associated muscle cramps from working out to achieve a great level of hydration more efficiently and effectively.

Faster Exercise Recovery

FastVitaminIV promotes easier recovery for athletes by minimizing inflammation and providing nutrients that reduce oxidative stress associated with post-workout soreness.

Enhanced Mental Clarity

FastVitaminIV is beneficial for improving focus and memory, as it provides essential nutrients that generate cellular energy in the brain.

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