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Stress Management

When our brains are experiencing a deficiency in vitamins and electrolytes, we find it difficult to clear our minds, think properly, and not become overwhelmed and stressed. We are lacking in the fuel we need to perform optimally and complete tasks without burning out and feeling the weight of burden. It can be hard to find the time to eat healthy and perform healthy choices when you are stressed and leading a busy life, and the vitamin therapy offered by Salus Wellness is an incredibly easy and effective way to obtain these essential vitamins and boost your entire life.


Beautiful Skin

Just how your brain needs “food” to work properly, so does your skin to look beautiful and stay clear. The result of glowing, blemish-free skin is mostly the result of work on the inside, not from skincare products. The Wellness Drip offered by Salus Wellness includes electrolyte fluids, Vitamin C, and other elements to detox and brighten your skin. With this treatment therapy, you will be feeding your skin from the inside out to deliver pure, potent nutrition to experience stunning results that last.


Support Your Immune SysteM

Chances are you have heard of products claiming to give your body Vitamin C to boost your immune system and fight off sickness, except a dissolving oral tablet or a liquid isn’t going to provide pure, quick results and they won’t be effective at giving your body the boost it needs. With the Wellness Drip offered by Salus Wellness, your body receives direct doses of electrolytes, vitamins and anti-oxidants to support your immune system, prevent severity of illness, and re-boot your body for more energy. Better absorption of these nutrients will also help with treating fatigue, stress, physical pain, digestive issues, and vitamin deficiencies.

Take control of your life and improve your overall health, outward appearance and confidence level with the Wellness Drip offered by Salus Wellness.


Why do we seem to get sick more frequently in cold months?

While it seems like a myth, there is some truth to the fact that many people find themselves not feeling well more often during the cooler months. This can actually be due to a few different factors as noted below:

  • More germs – Rhinoviruses, the cause of colds peak in spring and fall, while the influenza virus peaks in winter.

  • Central heating – Cold air forces people to stay inside where the warmth of heating not only keeps us comfortable but also dries the air and our nasal passages. Dry nasal passages may be more susceptible to viruses.

  • Indoor humidity and ventilation – Poor ventilation coupled with dry air allows droplets from sneezes to travel further and a study at Virginia Tech in 2011 actually showed that higher relative indoor humidity can inactivate the Influenza A virus.

  • Outdoor humidity – Even our cold, dry outdoor air contributes to our winter illnesses. According to two studies by the National Institutes of Health not only does the dry air allow the influenza virus to travel more easily, but the outer coating of the virus itself can become tougher in colder temperatures.


How does stress contribute to this?

In another study by the National of Institutes of Health, it was well documented that while short-term stress can actually serve to temporarily boost immunity, long-term stress has major effects on the body that not only increases the risk of viral infections but also increases the possibility of developing chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), diabetes and even cancer.