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Weight Loss.

Now offering in-office & in-home options. See below for more details. Book your free discovery call today!

Medical Disclaimer

Please note that the semaglutide-based treatments offered by our clinic are compounded medications and not the brand name Ozempic or Wegovy produced by Novo Nordisk. Due to the current demand and placement of these drugs on the FDA's Drug Shortage List, we have sourced semaglutide from reliable compounding pharmaceutical sources. While these compounded versions of semaglutide are not FDA approved, they are produced in accordance with FDA requirements. However, it's important to understand that compounded medications may have variations compared to the commercially available products. We assure you that our compounded semaglutide is carefully prepared to maintain safety and effectiveness, providing you with a reliable treatment option. Nonetheless, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to determine if compounding semaglutide is suitable for your specific needs. It's crucial to be informed and make decisions based on accurate information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our compounded semaglutide or its usage, please feel free to reach out to our healthcare professionals who will be happy to address them. Remember, your health and well-being are our priorities and we are committed to providing you with safe and effective treatment options. 


Book your free discovery call with the Nurse Practitioner to determine the best plan.

Initial consultation fee $149 includes (value $310):

  • Initial labs

  • Consultation, review of medical history, review of labs

  • Initial Styku Body Scan

  • Digital copy of optional meal plans

Monthly Fee includes:

  • Free monthly B12 injection (unless already compounded with prescription)

  • Monthly check-in appointment with Nurse Practitioner (in-person or phone)

Program expectations/Patient responsibilities:

  • Repeat Styku Body Scan every 3 months to track progress ($49)

  • Repeat labs every 6 months while on medication ($50-$75)

  • Initiate/Continue an exercise program per patient choice

plan 1


  • Monthly fee $300-$400

  • 4-week supply of semaglutide (if qualified)

  • Once-a-week self-administered injection into the stomach, thigh, or back of arm


  • Monthly fee $500-$800

  • 4-week supply of tirzepatide (if qualified)

  • Once-a-week self-administered injection into the stomach, thigh, or back of arm

plan 2


  • Monthly fee $300

  • Daily oral capsule before bed: Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN)

  • Nightly self-administered injection into the stomach, thigh, or back of arm: Sermorelin 

  • Daily spray for under your tongue: Lipo-Trim SL

  • Doses are adjusted each month until you reach your appropriate dose 

plan 3

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